Monday, 18 August 2008


THE GREEN ROOM - ‘London’s most unusual shop’ is displaying a collection of humorous Maggie Thatcher items in their shop at 192 Archway Road, London N6

Among the items on display:

Flatulating Thatcher doll.

Thatcher garden gnome.

Pair slippers of Mrs. T in bed with Neil Kinnock.

Thatcher cut-out doll with a selection of cut-out dresses, also included is a ‘knife for the back’

A Maggie Thatcher mask.

Finchley postcard.

Flexidisk record ‘Maggie’s Song’ written by George Melly.

Thatcher & Tebbit golf balls.

Poster: ‘Maggie’s Pearls of Wisdom’

Other items on sale include:

Dinosaur Egg.

Fossil Fish.


Tony Benn’s pipe.

Biblical coins including a Widow’s Mite and a Tribute Penny.

Iraq ‘Most Wanted’ playing cards.

A 1929 woman’s magazine – an early Conservative Party attempt at subliminal advertising!

Ancient Roman & Saxon rings.

Autograph of one of the founders of modern Freemasonry.

A camera previously owned by an Irish Prime Minister.

Nelson Mandela ballot paper.

Literally 1,000 of books on all subjects.

Also, thousands of records ranging from Hip Hop to a recording of Churchill, as well as an old 78 rpm record of Ramsay MacDonald speaking during the 1929 General Election.

The GREEN ROOM is owned and operated by The Barnet Green Coop Ltd

A not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

It’s object is to raise funds and profile for environmental causes.

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