Friday, 29 August 2008

*The Urban Green Fair – Sunday 31st August 2008, Brockwell Park, Brixton

Come join thousands of enthusiastic Londoners to come and enjoy the day, learn about current environmental issues and solutions, discover practical innovations in sustainable living and reducing climate change and, of course, have fun! It will be an ideal family event featuring films, talks, workshops, kids activities, stalls, sunshine and unusual bicycles.

With no bars or big stages the emphasis is on interactive education and communication. It is a chance to share ideas, meet familiar faces and make new friends.

On a bigger scale, the Urban Green Fair highlights the approach of peak oil and the lack of governmental action on climate change. Using positive and practical examples, it’s hoped to empower people to make simple changes in their ideas and actions on urban energy use, helping create a greener, more sustainable society.

Organised by Shane Collins of the Green Party.

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