Thursday, 18 September 2008

*Battle in Seattle

From: Mark Sanders-Barwick

About two years ago I became aware of a fantastic movie called Sharkwater that followed a young filmmaker named Rob Stewart aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel in the Galapagos Islands.

The movie records the plight of a species that is at the point of extinction and exposes the corruption behind the cause of its demise. At the time I was a volunteer for the Shark Trust and got them in touch with Rob who agreed to work with them as the official conservation partner in the UK

. On the board of Shark Trust Trustees was Steve Roest - the Twickenham Green Party candidate. Steve and I worked hard with Sharkwater Productions eventually getting the movie into sixteen cities around the UK.

The movie and the work of Sea Shepherd had such an impact on us that we "jumped ship" to Sea Shepherd and joined forces with activists in the UK that had served on Antarctica campaigns to strengthen to presence of Sea Shepherd in the UK. Steve is now UK director of Sea Shepherd and is off to Antarctica in November to join Operation Musashi against the Japanese whaling fleet.

Yesterday evening, I received an email from Sharkwater productions, the makers of Sharkwater, advising of a new movie to be released in the US based on the events of November 1999 in Seattle.

In November 1999, 50,000 people protested against the WTO summit, when free speech was taken away in favour of free trade. Despite a police crackdown, they showed their support and made history as a plan to expand the WTO's reign of corporate globalization was derailed.

On September 19 in the US, a new film, Battle in Seattle, which tells the story of what really happened, opens in select theatres. Starring Charlize Theron, Ray Liotta, Woody Harrelson and others, this is your chance to support free speech. Will you join the battle?

I'm trying to get the movie into the UK so please visit: to see a trailer and click on "Bring Film to Your City" to request the film to come to London.

I've already contacted the distributors directly. Please distribute to as many lists as possible & post to your Facebook pages to get this movie over in the UK.

It worked for Sharkwater!

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