Monday, 22 September 2008


Among the recent arrivals for sale in The Green Room are:

Charles Manson’s autograph.

A hair from JFK.

An ancient Egyptian Ushapti.

A Soviet Communist Party ID document.

Victorian hand-made coffin nails.

Medieval hand made shipbuilding nails.

A Flexidisk c1969 ‘Songs for swinging voters’ published by the Tories.

An LP of Dylan Thomas reciting poetry.

Book: ‘Simple meals for the working classes’

Pack of ‘Iraq Most Wanted’ playing cards.

Ancient Roman bronze ring.

Rare 1917 Conscientious Objector magazine.

Neolithic East African trading beads.

Collection of 1938 London wrestling cards.

Maggie Thatcher Spitting Image jug, to join our Maggie Thatcher flatulating doll.

Hundreds of books and records piling in nearly every day.

We are open seven days per week, 10am-6pm. However, we will be closed on Sunday next due to the London Green Party AGM.

Last week, the Daily Mirror sent down a reporter and photographer, so the Green Room will be appearing on that publication in the near future.

We also appeared in Times Online.

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