Friday, 5 September 2008


Been running the London Green Party stall at Conference as well as nipping into fringes and debates.

The most interesting session – by far- was LONDON –WHAT NEXT? A panel discussion with our London Assembly members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, Professor Tony Travers of the LSE and Ken Livingstone.

Ken announced the launch of a PROGRESSIVE LONDON website. He spoke strongly on green issues and recommended everybody see ‘The Age of Stupid’ showing tomorrow night at Conference. He predicted that the Green agenda would really come up the agenda in the next few years bringing home to the people that green change was essential; otherwise “there will be no human race by the end of the century”

Tony Travers mentioned that a friend, a professor in another college, had done an experiment. Before the local elections they went around and door knocked a ward. They did not purport to be from any party, just said to people ‘Do you know that there is an election coming up?’ The turnout in that ward increased by around 7%. Professor Travers added that the major parties had lost the knack of doorknocking and this was where the Green Party could increase its votes.

The other event today was the Leader election. Not unexpectedly, Caroline Lucas won by a large margin.

Rather unprofessionally, the ERO did not announce the number of ‘Reopen Nominations’ votes.

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