Wednesday, 15 October 2008

*Majority say keep hunt ban

A new MORI poll shows a majority of Tory supporters want to retain the Hunting Act, despite the party itself pledging a repeal as soon as it gains office.

But the poll itself has sparked fury among hunt supporters amid claims the question asked a sample of more than 2,000 voters by the respected polling organisation MORI was biased against hunting.

It is understood the Countryside Alliance is to complain about the way MORI conducted the poll, eight months after having a similar complaint against the polling organisation upheld.

The results of the poll revealed 59% of people who consider themselves Tory voters wanted to see the ban on hunting kept, and only 30% wanted to repeal it.

Among voters of all parties, 75% supported the ban, while MORI said there had been a marked decrease in support for repealing the ban - down from 22% to just 16%. And of voters in a rural area, 71% supported the ban on hunting, according to the poll.

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