Sunday, 19 October 2008

*New arrivals in the Green Room

Star lot in this week is a small piece of hair from the head of John F. Kennedy.

Celebrity hair is, pound for pound, now the most valuable commodity in the world.

Also just in:

Original ballot paper for the first free South African elections. Features Nelson Mandela - Zimbabwe $500,000,000 note - Roman Nails - Medieval English Ships nails - Victorian coffin nails - A Gladstone calling card -Bush Snr. and Saddam puppets - Roman bronze fire starter.

Among the other unusual items for sale:

Charles Manson autograph - Ancient Egyptian Ushabti - Casanova Tarot Cards - "Iraq Most Wanted" playing cards - DINOSAUR EGG, approx. 80 million years old - A COMMEMORATIVE BRICK made for Charles & Di wedding - GORDON BROWN DOG TOY - A pipe previously owned and autographed by TONY BENN - FOSSIL FISH, 56 million years old - An original Denarius of Tiberius, the TRIBUTE PENNY as used by Jesus Christ in 'render unto Caesar' - An old 78 rpm record of Ramsay MacDonald's speech at the 1929 Labour convention - A Piece of DINOSAUR DUNG - An ancient ROMAN BRONZE RING - Piece of HAIRY MAMMOTH tusk - A MAGGIE THATCHER FLATULATING DOLL - A rare 1917 CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR MAGAZINE and thousands of books and records.

The Green Room is open seven days per week, 10am to 6pm and often later. Only 200 yards from Highgate Tube with busses 43, 134 and 26s passing the door.

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