Thursday, 10 February 2011

Exposing health cuts

The Freedom of Information Act remains a favourite campaigning tool of mine. At a meeting some weeks ago a Southwark Green party activist complained about “temporary” restrictions to the opening hours at the Minor Injury Unit at Guy’s in the north of that borough.

With the activist’s help I submitted a Freedom of Information request to see what impact the restrictions were having on local people. The Trust had to admit to a huge reduction in numbers of people being treated at the facility. From seeing 18,000 people per annum before the cuts the number had dropped to less than 15,000 afterwards. This means thousands of people were going untreated or having to clog up other vital parts of the NHS.

Local media are very concerned about issues like this and followed up the information we uncovered:

Hopefully the information and coverage can give a good platform for local activists to challenge the Trust’s decisions.

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