Saturday, 26 February 2011

"Noel would be a pain in the arse"

Endorsements piling in for the Green Party London Assembly selection:

From: Jules Lyle
Co-ordinator West Central London Green Party:

"The marvelous thing about Noel is that he says it how it is. I am in no doubt that he would do a fine job if elected again to the London Assembly and I believe wholeheartedly that he would continue to work tirelessly for the greater good of The Green Party and London. Once elected, I bet he wouldn't let any opportunity pass to be a pain in the arse to those making shortsighted, damaging and unethical decisions for London. I can see the Mayor walking up six flights of stairs rather than get into the same lift as Noel for an ear-bashing !"

Noel, Hattie and Jules at the launch of Kurds for Greens

And from Poppy:

"Noel has earned every vote through dedication, experience and good judgement. No one more deserving."
AM Poppy. London GRRC rep

And another from the Hip Hop artist Relentless MC

"My name is Henry Young I am a North London resident and have been all my life, i am also a Hip Hop artist who has been lucky enough to make friends with Noel Lynch in both a professional as well as a personal capacity through my younger brother, and have since known Noel for a good number of years now....

I immediately found Noel to be refreshingly honest, approachable and professional.... also, he has single handily re-affirmed my faith in British politics, after some time knowing Noel and after numerous conversations I'm left thinking why aren't there more people like Noel in government, and how good it is that he represents the Green Party.

Noël’s astute attitude forward thinking and ability to relate has a real appeal and I love the way he can easily engage you in points and views that stimulate the worldly views within us all.
. Definitely a people person, funny and easily approachable,its easy to see Noel`s potential if given a chance to produce on a bigger scale, and I for one would want and be happy to give him my support as well as my vote."
I'm a great admirer of Henry's music. You can see him here performing "Live 'n' let rhyme" on the Tube. He was the first licenced Hip Hop tube busker.

More endorsements tomorrow. It will take a few weeks to get them all published.

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