Thursday, 24 February 2011

Vote No. 1 Noel Lynch

This is a very exciting time to be involved in Green politics. The election of Caroline as our first MP has given the party a relevance and sense of purpose that I haven’t seen since I joined over 20 years ago.

As London Coordinator my job has been to channel this energy to advance the Green party across the capital. Our membership has hit record levels and our activist base has been reinvigorated. It has been particularly gratifying to see so many young people join.

Now it is crucial to elect Green candidates. The Assembly elections present an opportunity to elect Green Assembly members but also a platform to re-establish our presence on councils across London.

I believe I have the skills, determination and vision to advance Green policies from the Assembly.

Noel with Caroline at the Finchley Conference.

- Dedication

I have worked tirelessly for the Green party in a large number of roles locally, regionally and nationally.
When I served on the London Assembly I had a 100% attendance record. Activists know that I am always at the end of the phone when they need support.

- Experience

Having served on the Assembly previously I will be able to hit the ground running in terms of using the committee structure and Question Time to hold the Mayor to account and get Green policies implemented.

I am also keen to exploit the facilities open to elected members by hosting conferences, such as those on GM foods and animal welfare, which I was able to organise previously. I would re-establish links with health, disability, trade union, ethnic minority and elderly groups by hosting meetings at the Assembly
with them again.

- Media

It is vital that our Assembly members can get our message across through the media. I have been interviewed on radio and TV on countless occasions. I have worked hard to keep a high media profile since leaving the Assembly with coverage on LBC radio, BBC London, the Guardian, the Independent and numerous local papers in just the last few months alone.

- Serving local parties

Our Assembly members should be at the disposal of our local parties. My door is always open and will continue to be. I have visited every local party from Bromley to Brent and Barking to Richmond and even helped found parties such as Newham and West Central. I am proud to have been nominated to stand for the Assembly by eleven coordinators (8 women/3men) of London’s local parties. If returned to the Assembly I’d visit every party every year. This would serve the dual purpose of keeping all members informed of the work of their elected representatives as well as helping local parties in their crucial campaigns to make breakthroughs on local councils.

If returned to the Assembly I would use the position to promote Green politics, implement Green policies and grow the Green party across London. I hope you agree with my vision and can give me your No. 1 vote.

I am happy to answer any questions, e-mail

I am proud to have the support of activists from all across London. I will be posting endorsements here, each day, over the next few weeks. If you would like to lend your support please send to the e-mail above.

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