Monday, 12 May 2014

Notes from the campaign trail -1V

On wearing a Green Party rosette.

I have been wearing my rosette since the campaign started and have not yet had a single adverse reaction from the public - in fact the opposite! I have people constantly coming up to me with good wishes and thumbs up signs. I even had one lovely young woman hug me and say "congratulations for standing". Now, at my age, that does not often happen:-)
I recall that during the GLA election I dropped a £1 in a buskers tin (I always do, when I can afford it).
He saw my rosette and ran after me with a fistful of change of change.
"That's for the Green Party" he said.
On another occasion, I was buying chips and I received two bags. "I only ordered one" I said and he replied "That's for being in the Green Party"

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