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Notes from the campaigntrail - V

The Greens even get a mention in The Ambridge Socialist
 The Ambridge Socialist 4th May CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266
The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge
The Wedding episodes: good or bad?
According to author and authority on the Archers Linda Grant the recent episodes of the Archers featuring Kirsty and Tom’s non-wedding fell firmly into the ‘marmite’ category. The Ambridge Socialist was not over enthusiastic but this was restrained compared to The Spectator which described them as a ‘new low’. Antonia Quirke in the New Statesman was not enthusiastic either. Gillian Reynolds in the Telegraph was more sanguine. Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said ‘the divorce rate would be rather lower if more people realised marriage was not for them and did not succumb to bourgeois pressures to get married. This suggests that Tom’s actions were out of the ordinary. Did that make for compelling radio? We’ll let our readers decide
 Was Kirsty & Tom’s non-wedding Peak Archers?
 May Day in Ambridge: Bosses out of Borsetshire
Frustrated at years of failure by the BBC to report May Day events in Ambridge, this year the Ambridge Socialist produced a special issue.
As usual Bert Fry lead the traditional Borsetshire Trades Council march to the village green where a red flag was planted and speeches calling for ‘Bosses out of Borsetshire’ were delivered.
Also on the village green Kenton Archer erected a Maypole and crowned Lyndia Snell [in absentia] May Queen. Traditional festivities at the Maypole included Kenton’s special punch made from whatever he could find in The Bull and Freda Fry’s May Day burgers containing locally reared rabbit….
The Grundy’s People’s Cider stall was also present
Complaints from Neo-Liberal placeman at Borsetshire Land Charlie that all this amounted to a rural uprising against the rightful landowners of the village were robustly dealt with by PC Knacker Burns but Kenton Archer was de-arrested after PC Burns was accidentally hit over the head with the Borsetshire Trades Council May Day flagpole.
Ambridge Socialist Editor Keith Flett said May Day in Ambridge should not to be missed unless of course you listen to Radio 4 in which case you did miss it
 The Ambridge Socialist poll RESULT
Who is the most man in Ambridge? Rob 64%  Tom 19% Charlie 7%
In Other News
The Ambridge Socialist has agreed to back a range of candidates for the Borsetshire Council Elections on 22nd May including Labour, Greens and TUSC under the slogan Bosses out of Borsetshire
According to the new Editor of the Archers [Observer 27th April page 3] the serial is akin to Ibsen, Shakespeare and Hardy. Macbeth beckons. See Nicholas Lezard [Independent 30th April] for a rigorous Marxist analysis.

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