Monday, 3 August 2015

Noel Lynch brands Murder museum Vulgar and Disgraceful

Noel Lynch the frontrunner to succeed Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson at city hall will be joining hundreds of campaigners for woman's rights outside the new 'Jack the Ripper museum' on Cable street has branded the opening of a museum which should have been dedicated to woman's right vulgar and disgraceful.


Noel said,


"Cultural history is one of the most important things about this part of London. It is breath taking that a businessman would have such arrogance to impose a Disney-like museum dedicated to the murder of women!"


"Cable Street's history should be remembered and portrayed as the place where so many of the woman's rights battles were conducted. The amazing suffragettes who put themselves up against the establishment, faced death threats and imprisonment in their quest for the right to vote. We need to tell our young people the story of how these rights were won. These struggles and victories should be celebrated for local community and to bring tourism to this part of London."


"We must not allow an individual to hijack our history and profit out of it. I am calling on Tower Hamlets council and the whole community to shut the museum down until it respects the woman's rights movement, who still have to struggle against sexism and discrimination. This movement must be at the heart of any museum, not a sideshow to the story of a murderer!"


1. Noel has signed the 38Degrees Petition calling on the museum to be shut down.

2. Noel has more endorsements than any other candidate running for Green Party selection to the GLA list.

3. Noel will be at the demonstration from 5:30pm on Tuesday 4th August.

4. The ballots for the internal selection for the GLA election will be going out later this week.


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