Saturday, 8 August 2015

Noel on Bright Green

Noel Lynch
A former Assembly Member, I am the only experienced candidate.
A party member for 26 years holding many roles in that time, including 13 years as London Federation Chair and now its Membership Officer.
Widespread support in all local parties – see endorsements. The only candidate endorsed by Green Left.
I have made London my home of choice after coming from Ireland 28 years ago. My daughter and grand-daughter were born here, it is the greatest city in the world.
The London Assembly needs a friend for trade unions, the homeless, those living in poverty, small business and to affect the 25 who die every day as a result of air-pollution.
I founded the GP Trade Union Group and was homeless about a decade ago.
We need to reach not just those natural Greens but connect City Hall to everyone suffering from Tory austerity in all 32 boroughs.
If elected, I will be that voice London-wide, and also in every community that needs an advocate.
I will be accountable to the membership and won’t give the next mayor an easy ride when it comes to: safe walking and cycling, building social rented housing, fighting attacks on trade unions, human rights, immigration, ending the complacent pollution mitigation and giving those in poverty and homeless hope with housing and an all-out fight against austerity.
As an Assembly Member, I saved a homeless centre, helped save several parks and saved London from fluoridation.
Please vote Noel Lynch No.1 and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

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