Saturday, 27 January 2007


Advance notice of a great new book by Brent Green Party member Miles Litvinoff anf published by Pluto Press which is located just up the road from The Green Room.
By Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley
256pp Published 26th February 2007 / £7.99 •A popular book about a key subject for consumers everywhere •Sales of Fair Trade products are rising by over 40% every year •A book designed to inspire people •Shows how individuals can make a difference •Highly accessible format, short informative chapters •Release timed to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight 26 Feb - 11 March 2007 ‘A lively, accessible and inspiring survey of how fair trade is bringing new hope to poor producers around the world.’ Paul Chandler, Chief Executive, Traidcraft ‘The best and most comprehensive guide around to the principles and practice of fair trade.’ Joanna Blythman, food writer and campaigner ‘This well researched, balanced and inspiring book is a great guide to how and why the empowered individual can make a difference.’ Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks. Fair trade is a growing global movement but why is it so important? 50 Reasons To Buy Fair Trade shows how consumers can benefit both people and the planet and can improve and even save lives. Read this inspiring guide and start helping to change the world today. Based in the UK, authors Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley have a long history of involvement in fair trade and the global justice movement. 345 ARCHWAY ROAD, LONDON, N6 5AA TEL: 0208 3482724 FAX: 0208 348 9133 For further information contact Helen Griffiths at or 0208 374 6424

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