Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Green Budget Success.

Fantastic news from City Hall yesterday - Green Party members on the London Assembly secured crucial commitments in the Mayor’s budget resulting in millions of pounds being earmarked for measures to tackle climate change. With £47 million being invested in green projects this truly is a ‘green budget’ and puts London on the road to becoming a green city.

The reason we can celebrate these advances is because the Green Party has two members on the London Assembly and, crucially, Ken Livingstone needs their support to get his budget approved. Doubtless if the Green Party votes on the Assembly were not so crucial or if there were no Green Party members on the Assembly at all then we would have heard a lot of hot air about climate change but no substantial action. The Green Party members on the Assembly were able to make sure that concrete plans were put in place to back up the fine rhetoric we are becoming so used to. Well done to Darren, Jenny and the whole team at the Assembly who I know have worked extremely hard on this.

So what will we get for our money? A selection of the projects are listed below:

- £8 million to improve the energy performance of London’s buildings
- £8 million (£25 million over three years) to TfL to establish a climate change fund (to support energy efficient technology)
- Over £20 million to boost levels of walking and cycling in London (so tackling air pollution, congestion and public health as well as climate change!)
- Project to promote decentralised energy (where the real progress on tackling climate change can be made)
Please e-mail me if you would like to see the full 22-page letter and agreement from Ken Livingstone.

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