Wednesday, 3 January 2007

New arrivals in the Green Room

A few interesting items which have just arrived for sale:
  • A prop rifle from the film 'The Four Feathers' That film was on TV a few nights ago.
  • A parcel stamp from the famous (or infamous) West Clare Railway. This railway was made famous by Irish songwriter Percy ffrench with his song 'Are you right there Michael, are you right, do you think that we'll get home before the night?' The railway company sued for libel. ffrench turned up late for the hearing. When the judge asked why he should not be cited for contempt, he answered 'I came on the West Clare Railway' - case dismissed! ffrench also wrote the popular song 'The Mountains of Mourne'
  • A piece of the Iron Curtain. Short strip of barbed wire form Hungary, mounted on a plaque.

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