Tuesday, 13 March 2007

London Mayor race kicks off in earnest.

Mayor Race kicks off in earnest
The race to be London's next Mayor kicked off in earnest yesterday, as the Green Party is the first to announce its candidate. Siân Berry, Green Party national Principal Speaker has been named as the party's candidate following a ballot of all party members in London.
Siân was selected from a choice of five candidates, receiving 45% of first preference votes. The other candidates were Shane Collins (19%), Shahrar Ali (17%), Katie Dawson (14%) and Terry McGrenera (5%).

Siân commented, "Life is a struggle for ordinary people in London. If It's not the chaos of our transport network, it's the high cost of living, the daily struggle to make a living wage, or crazy levels of rent and mortgages. Our vision is clear: a fairer, greener, healthier London. A city run on a human scale, which enriches the lives of everyone. A Green Mayor would be the best thing that ever happened to London. I can help bring a wide range of voters behind us with my record of action, and our vision of London as the world's leading example of a diverse, socially just, green city."

As one of the Green Party's two national Principal Speakers Siân already has a growing public profile. She is the public face of the anti-4x4s movement and her high profile campaigning has been crucial in bringing forward proposals for higher charges for gas-guzzlers in London.

I am delighted that Sian is our candidate. She will be like a breath of fresh air in what would otherwise be a very dull campaign.

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