Monday, 12 March 2007

Normal service resumed

Readers may notice that posts to the blog have been intermittent over the last few weeks. This was largely due to the Green Party selection process for places on our list for the London Assembly elections. I had to be careful in not using any party posts for personal promotional purposes – I was even accused of misusing my position by inviting people to my birthday party:-)
Anyway, the count took place on Saturday. It was quite a cliffhanger. The STV PR system is great fun! After the first count, the lower candidates start to get eliminated and their second preferences distributed. There were 23 candidates. On the first count Jenny Jones (one of our two sitting Assembly members) was on 95 votes with me on 92 and Darren Johnson (our other Assembly member) on 77. Jenny and myself disputed the lead throughout the subsequent stages. I was ahead on the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth rounds and we were equal on the ninth and the sixteenth. Then came the 21st stage, with only three of us left in contention - the distribution of Sian Berry’s votes. These went massively to Jenny and Darren. That was enough to bring Jenny over the winning threshold and put Darren 8 votes ahead of me. I was then eliminated and Darren was elected in second place. I got elected to third place on the next round. What a day!
Actually, I am delighted and honoured to be in third place. All predictions are that we will take three places in the next Assembly elections (May 2008) and probably four.

Ah well, back to normal now. Off to West Central Green Party meeting tonight.


Neil said...

Well done Noel. I'm very happy you did so well. The Green Party list looks very strong so hopefully the election will go well and as many of you as possible will get on the Assembly to continue the good work done so far.

Derek Wall said... good to see you on the Assembly again!

also very nice to hear you words of green radical wisdom