Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Northern Ireland papers.

Northern Ireland.

It is a coincidence, but on the day when peace looked promising in Northern Ireland we received the following donations in The Green Room:

‘The Free Citizen’ A rare first issue of the paper of the Peoples Democracy (October 3rd 1969). Well worth reading for a grassroots, left-wing perspective of a time when the IRA was almost non-existent and the chances for peace that were thrown away by the British government and their allies.

and from a few years later:

‘The Volunteer’ Vol 2 No. 8 (1973) This newsletter was published by Sinn Fein in Andersonstown. Contains section on ‘War News’. Quite a primitive production and probably quite rare. Possession of this would probably be enough to have you banged up or worse by the forces of ‘law & order’.

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