Monday, 26 March 2007

Northern Ireland Peace Deal.

The following press release was sent today to the London/Irish papers:

Following their first ever face-to-face discussions, the leaders of theDemocratic Unionist party and Sinn Féin announced a target date of May 8 forthe restoration of devolved government.

Chair of London Green Party, Irish-born Noel Lynch said: "This is indeed a momentous day for Ireland. The historical significance of this agreement cannot be underestimated"

As Gerry Adams stated "The agreement marks the beginning of a new era of politics on this island"

Noel Lynch continued: "The results of the recent Northern Ireland Assembly elections, including the election of the first Green Party Assembly member, showed the desire of the people of Northern Ireland for the implementation of the agreement and the restoration of devolution."


weggis said...

I just wonder whether it is the looming possibility of Gordon Brown that has finally brought together two hitherto adversaries to face a common threat?

Noel Lynch said...

No, some people feel that it was the looming possibility of water charges:-)

Neil said...

Surely it was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rid of Peter Hain?! ;-) (Actually there might be something to this explanation...)