Monday, 2 April 2007


Yesterday, I conducted the auction at South East Auctions Ltd in East Peckham. It consisted of just over 800 lots, which I got through in under six hours – non-stop! This takes quite a bit of doing; there are very few auctioneers that can sell at this speed for a sustained period! It is a very nice auction, very well run and very honest.
The lots vary from antiques, jewellery and collectors items to bankruptcy stock and lawnmowers.
The top lot yesterday, was a concertina, which made £600. Here are some more of the prices realised: Victorian wooden altar £70. Several sets of new golf clubs with bag, £8 each. Masonic Apron £28. Reggie Kray autograph £35. Edwardian inlaid chiffonier £20. Good clean second-hand furniture is going very cheap, nowadays, at auction. Why anyone still purchases retail is beyond me. A nice two piece suite made £5, a clean wardrobe by Gillows failed to get a bid, a corner cabinet made £8 and a mint condition table and 6 chairs, in the regency style, made £10. Also, over 1,000 bio-degradable black dustbin liners went at £5 per 100.
The next auction is on Sunday April 29th. You can see their website at:

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