Thursday, 26 April 2007

Remember Chernobyl

Ukraine: Remember Chernobyl
*On April 26th, 2007, on the day of Chernobyl NPP tragedy, Party of Greens of Ukraine is organising a large-scale action in commemoration of people affected by the catastrophe. *

After the most horrendous nuclear catastrophe in the history of humanity the “nuclear path of development” is again set to be imposed on Ukraine!

“Energy strategy of Ukraine until 2030” foresees the construction of new 20 nuclear power plants. At the same time the Ukrainian state enterprise National Atomic Energy Company „Energoatom” officially proclaims its intention to build a depository for the nuclear waste (DWNF) in the 30-kilometer Chernobyl zone. Such strategy is a direct threat to the national security of Ukraine.

Party of Greens of Ukraine and other nature protection and ecological organizations came forward with objections to a decision which was practically imposed on Ukrainian society.

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