Thursday, 12 April 2007

Crying clubs

From Bizarre News:

In some circles crying clubs have actually become hip and popular. It's called 'Emo' for emotional and the whole idea is to express your darker, more depressed emotions. And now there are clubs where you can go to commiserate and cry with other Emos. Against a backdrop of crashing choral music and candle-light, a group of elaborately costumed young women are dabbing their eyes with a handkerchief, their mascara running to form black rivulets down their cheeks. It is not difficult to see why they are so distressed: in front of them, a mound of pungent onions is being vigorously and elaborately chopped by a serious-looking young man in a tailcoat, and the fumes are overwhelming. But then that's precisely the point. The 300 or so 20 and 30-somethings in the crowd at this candlelit 17th-century wine vault, tucked away off a busy London thoroughfare, are here to do just that. Billed as 'an evening of exquisite misery', this is where clubbers can go to indulge their inner gloom. The onions are there to help them along a bit, should they struggle to shed their British reserve. The club, called 'Loss' is one of a new breed of crying clubs to arrive in the UK from Japan, where tears have become something of an industry in recent years.

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