Friday, 13 April 2007

Funny old world.

Since being a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority in 2003/04, I have kept up an interest in crime/policing. Here are a few recent unusual events:

“Armed Robbery:
A male was concerned in an armed robbery at McDonald's in Cricklewood Broadway whereby a firearm was produced and discharged into the counter. The suspect made off with £3,000 and made good his escape on a route 189 bus.”

Making a getaway in a bus!!!! Bus services must have improved in Ken Livingstone’s home patch if armed robbers are using them as a getaway vehicle!

Arrests near Buckingham Palace:
”Two suspects were arrested having exited the sewage system under Buckingham Palace. They were in possession of climbing/pot holing equipment. They were interviewed and claimed to be interested in historic sewage systems in Europe. Their stories were confirmed and they were later released without charge.”

Ah well, it takes all types! When I was on the London Assembly, several of us were offered a guided tour of the sewers. I would have gone but was otherwise booked. It ended as a tour for a Lib Dem, Tory and a Labour member. The Labour member, Dianna Johnson (now an MP) told me that it was one of the worst occasions in her life. It was really awful. Only the Tory enjoyed it. Might be something to do with the fact that they were encased head-to-foot in rubber suits!

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