Tuesday, 10 March 2009

*The Gig

Even though the crowd was small, everyone present agreed that it was a wonderful evening. We had three great acts - very different, but complimented each other very well:

Sarah Ellen Hughes really won over the crowd with what Jean Lambert MEP referred to as a stunningly beautiful jazz version of "Over the Rainbow" It is easy to see why she was lead vocalist with the National Jazz Orchestra. She was ably accompanied by her sister Anna, a Hackney Green Party activist.

Tower Hamlets Green Party member, Morgan Phillips, performed some great self-penned numbers, quite funny with a dark tinge. His final song about the 400,000 mobile phones lost each year in London taxis was quite humorous until he made the connection with the hundreds of thousands killed in resources wars in the Congo - much of it for the material to make all these mobile phones! It was a virtuoso performance. You can see him on his website, but he is actually much better live www.myspace.com/mogsiemusic

Stepan Pasicnzyk http://www.youtube.com/ukrainianmusicvideo
a Ukrainian-Irish accordion player, did not need a mike. He has a wonderful deep voice. He performed Ukrainian songs in English and some English songs in Ukrainian.

Where else would you hear a wonderful rendition of Bob Marley's Redemption Song - in Ukrainian? Not to mention Boney M's 'Rasputin' in Ukrainian to the tune of the X-Files. This latter really got the crowd clapping and stomping. Wonderful stuff!!

Next gig is on Sunday April 19th. 8pm at Capirinha Jazz Bar, 177 Archway Road, N6
Admission is free and we hope to keep up the high standard.

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