Friday, 6 March 2009

* London Green News.

The latest edition of our mass-circulation tabloid newspaper is now being distributed across London.

LGN has a printrun of 200,000 with high production values.

Articles include:

Jean's Euro-vision.
London Greens go on-line.
Barnet Bus Blues.
Don't cut Lewisham Hospital Services.
Croydon Greens save school.
Camden fights for a living wage.
Mayor's budget costs families and environment.
London lagging behind on keeping warm.
EU support needed in Gaza.
Assembly calls for Fairtrade boroughs.
Greens condemn Heathrow expansion.
Mayor fails on transport for London.
DNA breached Londoners' rights.
Mayor demonizes London youth.
No plane sailing for Heathrow.
Troubles with Asda.
Continental shift - Green initiatives around Europe.
Meet your Euro-Greens.
Why vote in the European Elections on 4 June.
Local Food for local people?
Food, fun and Festivals.
June election chance for Greens.

You can see it here:

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