Wednesday, 11 March 2009

*One Address: Planet Earth

One of the songs performed by Stepan at Sunday night's gig:

The flowers that were growing here

Will blossom here no more

The hearts and minds of bureaucrats

Are rotten to the core

There’s no investigation

And no builders hesitation

As the playing field makes way

For yet another shopping mall.

The trees that once were growing here

Are learning of their fate

The bricks and slabs are piling up

To build a new estate

The trees end up as household wood

We’re told it’s for the public good

And not to worry

Saving earth is something that can wait.

As species our divisions are

The mountains trees and seas.

So why do we spend time and effort

Making more than these?

When it comes to caring

For the rock on which we live

All we’ve done is take and take

But no one wants to give.

Temperatures are rising now

And so are all the seas,

And gas and coal and oil use

And emissions from all these.

If nuclear ‘s an option

Then what lesson does it take

To make us learn and not repeat

Chernobyl’s big mistake?

The animals keep vanishing

As we proliferate

Then we spend time destroying

Other humans that we hate.

If aliens are watching us

They’ll give this place a miss

And keep it from their children

Hoping ignorance is bliss.

As forests turn to open fields

And fields then turn to sand

How will we tell our children

That they just don’t understand?

The world that we are giving them’s

Becoming a disgrace

A testament of failure

To the stupid human race.

So let me tell you something

If I may, for what its worth

We all have one address

And that address is Planet Earth.

© Stepan Pasicznyk 31/3/06

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