Tuesday, 31 March 2009

*London Mayor confirms that police record and monitor innocent people

Answers from the London Mayor confirm that the Metropolitan Police regularly monitor people who are not suspected of committing any offence. Images and supporting information are kept in anticipation that certain individuals might be involved in protests in the future. This can include filming civil rights monitors who are themselves monitoring the actions of the police.

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who asked the questions, said:

"The Metropolitan Police have spent huge amounts of time and money monitoring innocent people, whilst failing to catch serial rapists because they claim to be over stretched. The police should stop chasing innocent people because they might commit a crime and put that energy into investigating the claims of women who have experienced sexual assault."

"I find it surprising that law abiding Londoners may end up along side known murderers and drug dealers on Crimint, the general database used to catalogue criminal intelligence, on the basis that a police officer thought that they might become involved in unlawful actions. I also find it rather silly that Londoners are paying the police to gather information on protestors who are filming the actions of the police."

The written answers have been received from the London Mayor, March 2009

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