Thursday, 8 February 2007

ID Cards.

Despite being a keen supporter of the anti-ID card campaign (I attended the launch meeting of the organisation and as a London Assembly member at the time helped to get the Green Party affiliated to the campaign) I tend not to dwell too much on identity issues and the emergence of a database state under this government. This is for the simple reason that it pains me to even think about it. My view is that the Home Office has probably had plans for an ID and database scheme ever since they were scrapped by Churchill and have been trotting them out to every Home Secretary ever since only to finally find a couple of willing idiots in the New Labour government who were happy to fall for the scheme. However, painful and all as it to be reminded of the plans, we must carry on the campaigning to ensure that they do not get off the ground. Do check out the NO2ID site and see if there are any meetings in your locality soon or anything else you can do to help. You can also pick up the badges and literature which I have on display in The Green Room.
As an incentive check out today’s latest news – school’s will be “urged” to get permission before fingerprinting children in their care!? Why will they not be forced? If fact – why on earth are they finger-printing children in the first place?! Unbelievable…

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