Sunday, 4 February 2007

New items in the Green Room.

Arrived recently:

An American army canvas bag. Quite large, with inscription on side ‘US ARMY BREAD BAG’
A Victorian Vet or Doctor’s instrument box with various nasty looking implements.
Victorian figure of Jenny Lind – famous 19th Century singer.
Unique hand woven raw silk bedspread used in the King Author film, where it was in Morgan LeFey’s bedroom.
Pair of anointing spoons, replicas of those used in the Queen’s coronation.
A teddy bear school room with teddy teacher and students plus desks blackboard etc.
A long piece of dinosaur dung, about 80 million years old.

We get in a lot of books. Some can be viewed on our ABE site by clicking the following link and pressing ‘find a book’

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