Thursday, 8 February 2007


I can assure you that I do not make a habit of checking out the blog of (clinically sane) Melanie Philips regularly. Even when someone does draw my attention to it I usually have to leave the site in disgust or frustration before finishing a particular article. This piece of climate change spin (not quite denial!) is interesting though. At first glance Melanie seems to have a very strong point – it is worrying to see independent scientists over-ruled and having to tailor their conclusions to suit a more political agenda. Of course if Melanie had anything more than a passing acquaintance with the facts she would know that the actual reason that scientists are having their conclusions altered is because of the need to minimise the estimated effects of climate change in order to keep countries like the USA on board. One wonders who or what climate change deniers will turn to next in their attempts to confuse and ignore the issue.

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Neil said...

Admit it Noel - you buy the Mail every day and are Melanie's biggest fan!

Amazing to see people still so determined to believe, and get others to believe, that climate change is all some great conspiracy. Thankfully it's just a few nutters (and the clinically sane Melanie Phillips of course) still ploughing this particular furrow though. It would probably make an interesting pyschological study to find out the reasons why - not that I'm suggesting Melanie needs to see a shrink mind!