Monday, 5 February 2007


The proliferation of Starbucks stores has become a symbol of globalisation. Starbucks itself is probably not the worst offender in terms of environmental or social damage but for many people it has come to represent everything that is wrong with capitalism – from unsustainable environmental practices to unfair trading to the cloning of our high streets. So the recent news that Starbucks intends to open a new store in London every fortnight for the next 10 years will not have been welcomed by many people. To get an idea of the number of Starbucks already in London check out this map of London's Starbucks by postcode. I’m glad to say that my own postcode of N6 remains mercifully free of the Starbucks and I can get a decent cup of tea or coffee at Chez Maxime on Archway Road or the Toll Gate Café, behind the Archway Tavern. The Toll Gate is a favourite with Green Party people from our offices nearby.
For others see the excellent alternative to the Starbucks locater - the delocator will tell you where your nearest alternative, independent café can be found. Why not add to the list if you know of any not currently on the site.

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leonora said...

Cheers, I've now moved back to West Hampstead, I'm easily able to avoid Starbucks! There IS one in West End Lane, but there is a wonderful deli/restaurant just opposite me, and several other restaurants and cafes in the vicinity....aren't we lucky!