Wednesday, 21 February 2007

My selection statement for the London Assembly.

Below is my selection statement (limited to 500 words) for a place in the Green Party London Assembly List:

The day of the count for the last London Assembly elections was a bad day for both the Green Party and me. The Green Party lost a seat on the Assembly, and with that seat I lost a job: one I was passionate about and in which I achieved much for the Green Party.
Since that day the party has regrouped, redoubled efforts and despite scant resources run more candidates in more elections, winning more votes and seats than ever before. As Co-ordinator of the London Region I have seen this at first hand and I am proud of all we have achieved.

I am running for a seat on the Assembly because I believe I have the skills, experience and vision to do it justice. I will focus on two areas:

- the Assembly - implementing Green policies, scrutinising the Mayor -

more widely - promoting the Green party, supporting local parties. An Assembly member is a key ambassador for the Green Party, and I would not consider any term of office a success unless we implemented significant policies and had more members, councillors and support at the end.

I have the qualities needed to be an Assembly member:

- Dedication
I have been a Green Party member for 18 years, working tirelessly and successfully in many posts at London and national level. When previously on the Assembly I had a 100% attendance record on committees and was recognised for my effectiveness.

- Experience
Having served on the Assembly previously I know how it works. From exploiting the committee structure to questioning the Mayor, I can immediately start using the office to benefit the Green Party. I organised conferences on GM foods and animal rights issues at the Assembly. I engaged with and hosted groups working on health, disability, elderly, ethnic and trade union issues. I published reports on small shops, green spaces, plastic bags and lack of public toilets.

Media experience is also important. I have been interviewed on radio and TV countless times and featured in local and national media over 300 times while on the Assembly. Even since leaving the Assembly I have still generated coverage for the Green party in the Guardian, Observer, Financial Times and Mail on Sunday as well as numerous local pieces. -

Supporting local parties
Our Assembly members should be at the disposal of our local parties. My door is always open and will continue to be. I have visited nearly every local party from Bromley to Brent and Barking to Richmond and even helped found parties such as Newham and West Central. If returned to the Assembly I would expect to visit every party every year. Moreover, with my unrivalled knowledge of the local parties and activists, I would use my position as an AM to further develop and support the Green party across London. I am happy to answer any questions, contact details above. Also, feel free to check my blog:

Please give me your No. 1 vote.


I have also produced an A3 tabloid size leaflet. I can post it to anyone who wishes.

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