Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Inspired by Brian Orr (14 May 2007)

Quite a lot of carrot and a measured hint of stick

Helps to save the planet if we make it bloody quick

Lots of green ideas around, for folk to take their pick

Creative inspiration, European tips to nick.

And when those Climate gurus leave you feeling pretty thick

And your image maybe earthy, but you'd like it to be slick

And all that rival greenwash starts to make you feel quite sick

And your bath-time reverie consists of 'Who's the biggest -ick?'

Keep on composting and cycling, despite mates that take the mick

Hang onto your Green vision and the spark that makes you tick

On our organic firm foundation, build green values brick by brick

And keep alert, Green Party members, lest we should ever miss a trick.

Becca Thackray Green Party cllr in Lambeth

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