Friday, 25 May 2007


Following an investigation by Greenpeace International and the GM-free Ireland Network, Ireland's Dept of Agriculture admitted that it failed to test a 12,313-tonne shipment of contaminated animal feed from the USA before it was unloaded from a ship in Dublin on 2 April and placed on the market.

As a result of this fiasco, up to 5,313 tonnes of feed contaminated by illegal and toxic GM maize varieties have entered the food chain, causing potential liver and kidney damage to consumers. The ship's captain told Greenpeace the cargo was "certified GM-free by the US authorities", and gave the Greenpeace team permission to come aboard and take samples of the cargo. Greenpeace then sent these samples to an accredited laboratory for scientific analysis. The lab results confirmed that the supposedly "GM-free" cargo tested positive for up to 33% contamination with the toxic MON863. But the lab test also proved the cargo contained 2.4% contamination by an illegal variety of GM maize - Herculex Rw - patented by Pioneer / Dow, which is not authorised in the EU.

Subsequent test results showed the cargo was also contaminated by five other legal GM maize varieties, all above the mandatory labelling threshold of .09%.

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