Thursday, 10 May 2007


I hate bullies particularly big business bullies. The following story really takes the biscuit!

Britain's highest pub is being sued by fast food giant KFC over its traditional "Family Feast" on Christmas Day. KFC claims punters could confuse the annual meal at the remote Tan Hill Inn with its "Family Feast" buckets of chicken and chips, reports the Daily Mirror.
Tracy Daly, licensee of the inn, said: "It beggars belief, I am dumbfounded. They are a multimillion-pound, international organisation and I am a little lady up a mountain." Tracy, who runs the pub near Richmond, North Yorks, with partner Mike Pearce, 60, received a letter from top London solicitors Freshfields warning them to drop the name. She added: "Our Family Feast is a traditional Christmas dinner - pate, turkey, roast beef and the trimmings, Christmas pud. It's about as similar to a KFC meal as chalk is to cheese. "Chicken and chips with a salad is on the menu, but we use local free-range birds - no coating, no secret spices."I don't like bullies and I think they want to bully me. They have turned heavy-duty, big-city lawyers loose on us, but I have already had firms of solicitors offering to take on our case for nothing."

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Jim Jay said...


It always bemuses me when I read things like this because I can't see why corporations think it is in their interests to get completely terrible press coverage for destroying family run businesses. Because they're gits I suppose. Hmmm