Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ex-MP supports Noel Lynch in the London Assembly selection

“I write as a Green Party member of almost 10 years standing and have attended Party meetings where I met Noel. He struck me as a dedicated and totally committed supporter of Green causes. The Party lost an able advocate when he ceased to be a member of the G.L.A.

I have been involved in public life since the 1960’s and have met and worked with many activists and am entitled to claim that the Noel Lynch’s of this world are sadly thin on the ground. We should redouble our efforts to ensure his election and ensure he has the power to effect the changes for which we are all committed”

Peter Jackson is a retired academic, he has also been a Derbyshire MP and member of Derbyshire County Council. He stood for the Green Party in 2010 Westminster Council election

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