Wednesday, 2 March 2011

We are living in times of great transition..........

By Dr. Haroon Saad
QeC-European Regeneration Areas Network

We are living in times of great transition and it is clear that we need people in positions of influence who have a grasp of both the global and local aspects of the challenges we face. Noel is someone who has a deep understanding of the key issues we are facing( e.g. climate change, financial crash and its implications, growing poverty and inequality, sustainable transport, growing alienation from our political institutions ).
Alongside this Noel also has the experience of direct involvement with groups and people on the ground and this means he has the capacity to connect policy to practice and in particular see the gap that exists between stated goals of policy and their real impact on people and communities.

Noel also has extensive experience of campaigning and being able to organise action and mobilise opinion. He has an extensive network and this is a resource that is beyond “price”.

We need people in the GLA who bring this mixture of activism, reflection and commitment to transparency.

Dr. Haroon Saad
GP member Waltham Forest and Redbridge

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