Sunday, 6 March 2011

Noel makes being a politician a respectable occupation.

Noel has been a friend and colleague for some years

While in office I found him to be effective, available and always accommodating.
I was at the time involved with various local community groups .The clients were people who in the usual course of things were not always politically or otherwise included (youth, poor and refugees etc,)

On one memorable visit to City Hall that I organised with Noel for the local refugee center, people were rather in awe of going there!

However the visit was a great success and when over , many people commented that they hadn’t realise 'people like them ' could go to a place like that.

One woman commented that from her previous experience of officials she thought them all nasty. Noel, she said, made her feel like a normal human being .

The above comments sums up Noel, he is very patient. He listens and treats and treats with the same respect due to them as a person

Status or wealth is not an issue, Noel takes each person as they come!
Noel makes being a politician a respectable occupation.

Not many politicians can be accused of that!!
Cait (Southwark GP)

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