Saturday, 12 March 2011

Only a few days to go.

London Green Party members: Our GLA selection finishes at noon on Thursday. If you have not already voted, please do so as soon as possible.

Endorsements and calls of support are still piling in. Here are a few more:

From one of our best activists:
"The future of green politics in London lies in the hands of young fresh minds seeking a "new way". If elected to the GLA, I have no doubt that through his experience, dedication and commitment to green politics Noel will help many find a refreshing alternative."

"People simply want someone they can trust. As a relative newcomer to the Green Party I found this immediately in Noel and I am sure his character will stand him in good stead in the GLA."

"Noel has got what it takes to get things done at the GLA. "

"As a newcomer to green politics, I am immensely grateful to Noel for showing me the ropes without the political lassos. People want politicians they can trust and I know they will find this in him."
Conrad Bryan (Ealing Green Party)

From my mentor when I first joined:

"I joined the Party when it was the Ecology Party and can now probably claim to rank among its longest-standing members!
Noel reminds me that I was his first mentor when he joined the party in 1989. Since then he has worked without stopping for the Party.
He would make a hard-working and loyal Assembly member"

Nina R. Armstrong.
Founder member of Enfield Green Party


From Tower Hamlets:

'Noel has been a consistent ambassador for the Green Party and has been key in motivating and ensuring the growth of many local Green Parties.He is a font of knowledge, has a level head, and has great organisational skills. But most importantly he is great in dealing with new, young activists and the public - that's why he'd make a great Assembly member.'
John Foster. Tower Hamlets GP.

And finally from the one and only John Phillips, who has put huge time and effort into the Green Party. We shared many an early morning breakfast as he passed through London having spent all night delivering materials across the country:

"Noel Lynch ! Noel Lynch ! What can I say ? I have worked (and socialised) with him for many, many years ......... always a joy, and a real grafter. He has a deep sense of commitment and a real grasp of the essentials of Green politics and the ability to communicate them to others. A fearsome advocate in the debating chamber and just what we need in the London Assembly !! Sometimes I wish I lived in London ..........

John Phillips, Kirklees Green Party, ex GP Executive and GP Regional Council, Parliamentary and Council election candidate.

Sing-along-a-Noel ................. WE ARE GREEN, WE ARE GREEN, WE WANT OUR PLANET BRIGHT AND GREEN.........."need in the London Assembly !! ................. WE ARE GREEN, WE ARE GREEN, WE WANT OUR PLANET..........

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