Monday, 7 March 2011

There are people who have high profiles.............

There are people who have high profiles as Greens amongst the general public - men like Jonathan Porrit - and then there is Noel Lynch who has made a difference to Green Politics and Green Practice through his constant work pioneering Green thinking and environmental practice through networking and supporting local networks and Green Parties across London; and Greens from across England & Wales; and through his international work supporting Green Scientists like Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Arpad Putztoi.

Noel's networking skills have meant that he has kept on introducing generation after generation of Green Activists to the London Green Party; whilst supporting the work of Green inventors like Trevor Bayliss; and the rights of pensioners; and making sure that the Green Party and elected Greens support the work of those raising awareness of the dangers of depleted uranium and dioxins.

Noel does all this hard work with a gentle sense of self depreciation and Gaelic humour. Noel remembers people. Noel is a real asset in the corridors of power because he has the charm that makes a conference work; and gels green community pride enabling people to work together. For London's sake I hope you vote Lynch.

Miranda Dunn. (Former London Campaigns Coordinator)

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