Friday, 4 March 2011

We face one of the most aggressive governments.........

We face one of the most aggressive governments determined to make society pay for the economic crisis and it is in this period that we need the radical roar of our party to be heard most clearly. I am honoured to recommend Noel Lynch to you- he is a man with

· The vision to articulate Green opposition to the most socially destructive cuts for Londoners since the 1930’s;
· the dedication to present the economic and political alternatives to ‘business as usual’;
· economic and political nous to effectively argue and campaign against Boris Johnson’s short change for Londoners. Whether it’s defense of London’s green ‘lungs’, kettled students or criticism of how adverse weather has again brought London to a standstill, Noel continues to be a man of the people;
· practical knowledge of holding public office (London Assembly 2003-04) and standing as Parliamentary candidates in elections in Brent and Finchley
· community campaigning roots and a proud trade unionist.

Please support Noel and help turn City Hall into a bastion of defense for London’s environment and London’s marginalized communities.

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